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See That Guy In The Volkswagen Beetle? Well, Wait Til You Look Closer… It’s Unbelievable.

Like most men of a certain age, when 71 year-old Momir Bojic retired, he decided to build his dream car. However, unlike most re-builds, his dream car didn’t require spare parts from junk yards. It needed 50,000 individual pieces of oak.
That’s because Momir build his Volkswagen Beetle out of wood. Because… why not?

It may look like a standard Volkswagen Beetle from afar, but it’s anything but.
It may look like a standard Volkswagen Beetle from afar, but it's anything but.

8 affordable classic cars beloved by retirees

Senior citizens who have retired may suddenly find themselves with spare time and an interest in taking up a hobby, such as owning a classic car.

The folks at classic-car insurer Hagerty Insurance looked at their valuation data to come up with these classic cars for seniors that are affordable, available for purchase in "good" condition, likely to increase in value and easy to maintain with widely available parts. The car values are as of December 2012, and are the most recent available from Hagerty.

Classic cars for retirees
1930 Ford Model A Tudor sedan
1955 Chrysler Windsor Deluxe
1966 Ford Mustang
1963-1964 Studebaker Avanti
1964 Ford Thunderbird
1970 MG MGB
1974 Cadillac Eldorado convertible
1978 Chevrolet Corvette Silver Anniversary coupe
7 best sedans for young-at-heart retirees

5 surprisingly valuable classic cars

While some classics cars just shout "expensive," there are quite a few sleeper collectible cars that have eye-popping values. Hagerty Insurance, which insures classic cars, identified five such cars and provided us with a range of prices, depending on condition. In this story, low prices represent classic cars that are in fair condition, while those commanding top prices would be for cars worthy of winning an award at a major classic car show.

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surprisingly valuable classic cars | ©Photo courtesy of Hagerty Insurance
1958-62 BMW Isetta 600 ©Photo courtesy of Hagerty Insurance
1951-63 Volkswagen Samba ©Photo courtesy of Hagerty Insurance
1959-63 Fiat Jolly ©Photo courtesy of Hagerty Insurance
1960-84 ©Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser Photo courtesy of Hagerty Insurance
1966-77 Ford Bronco ©Photo courtesy of Hagerty Insurance
surprisingly valuable classic cars | ©Photo courtesy of Hagerty Insurance

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