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10 eco friendly concept cars designed for Ferrari

10 eco friendly concept cars designed for Ferrari
Ferrari is known for manufacturing cars that pack unmatchable muscle, impeccable design and astonishing looks. Most of its cars dressed in glossy red have been a dream of many and a symbol of pride for some of those who could possibly afford it. However, the times are changing and as world exhausts its non-renewable resources, the focus is going to shift to cars that harness their muscle from renewable sources and are tender to the environment. Automakers are still a long way from making an electric race car comparable in performance and mileage to the fuel-based cars, but today or tomorrow we have to reach there and many designers have used their skill and imagination for recommending cars of the future to manufacturers like Ferrari. We will enlist 10 such Eco-friendly car concepts here.
1. Ferrari ‘Eternita’
Ferrari Eternita
Designed by students of Hongik University in South Korea, the ‘Eternita’ is supposed to run on a hydrogen-hybrid engine that doesn’t compromise in power and results in low-emissions. It is designed to provide optimum fuel-efficiency and top-notch performance. The rear wheels are incorporated into the body and aim at reducing the drag, while the base is low-lying and almost touches the ground. It won the 2011 Ferrari World Design Contest.
2. Ferrari HY-KERS Hybrid Concept
Ferrari HY-KERS Hybrid
HY-KERS is a hybrid vehicle, which is based on 599 GTB Fiorano, displayed at the Geneva Motor Show. The concept reduces carbon-dioxide emissions by 35 percent. The battery is placed extremely below to keep the center of gravity low and save interior space. It is capable of producing 107 horsepower and 111 lbs-ft of torque and will be put to production in about three to five years.
3. Ferrari Modulo Revival concept
Ferrari Modulo Revival
The Modulo is based on Ferrari 512 S Module, which was first introduced to the world at the 1970 Geneva Motor Show. The design of the new Modulo has been conceived by Emmanuel Laffon de Mazieres and Bastien Petelot. The wheels are engulfed within the body of the car, while the roof and the doors are a part of a glass facade. It is one of the most aerodynamic car concept that aims to reduce rolling resistance. The design helps in reducing the drag coefficient of the car, while it is conceived to run on an all-electric engine.
4. Monza Ferrari 
Monza Ferrari
Computers have infiltrated every field and it seems the designer of this concept, Iman Maghsoudi has imagined it correct, giving a design for a future Ferrari car that would be taken over by the computer once the speed exceeds 200 km/h. It has been designed more as an aircraft and the driver sits in the cockpit controlling the car with a computer. The back of the car consists of two huge fins that help in channeling air and the car can change its design based on speed for maximum aerodynamics.
5. Ferrari F250 
Ferrari F250
The concept designed by Idries Omar has a 2.5L V6 engine, which in-turn would run on biofuel. The car keeps closer to the ground and has a mid engine. It is named after Ferrari 250 GTO. Notably, Ferrari has introduced some bio-fuel based cars such as F430 Spider that runs on ethanol.
6. Ferrari Millenio 
Ferrari Millenio
Designed by Marko Petrovic, Millenio is a two-seater sports car that would run on two electric motors, which in-turn will borrow their energy from solar panels. The car uses a combination of materials that make it stronger than steel and lighter than carbon fiber. The material is called Backypaper and consists of carbon nano-tubes.
7. Ferrari Imola 
Ferrari Imola
The design is inspired by Ferrari F70 and would run on a hybrid V6 engine. The concept is a Spider and gives trapezoidal shape to the grille, head and tail lights, which in-turn gives it the distinctive look. It has an enormous engine, which speaks for the power of the machine.
8. Ferrari EGO 
Ferrari EGO
EGO stands for the Emotional Generation One. It is a concept hyper-car for the year 2025. The concept is an amalgamation of immense power and exquisite performance. The design in fact is inspired from Ferrari P3 and P4/5 and has been designed by students of Istituto d’Arte Applicata e Design [IAAD].
9. Ferrari Xezri 
Ferrari Xezri
Designed by Samir Sadikhov of Azerbaijan, Xezri is inspired by the Ferrari 250 GT Cabriolet. Sadhikov has proposed a rear wing at the rooftop that would activate at speeds greater than 125 mph and improve the channeling of air as well as cool down the engine by opening the air intake.
10. Ferrari hypercar hybrid
Ferrari hypercar hybrid
The design is given by famous Turkish designer Kazim Doku. It is Ferrari’s future racing car, which will be based on hybrid engines. The car has been designed keeping in mind the future of cars in next 15 years.

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